Some online courses require students to take proctored exams. A proctored exam is taking a test under the supervision of an approved proctor or testing facility. Students are responsible for finding a proctor in their local area. The Michigan Tech Testing Center is available for those reasonably close to campus, and proctoring is free for those students taking a Michigan Tech course that requires a proctored exam.  Those too far away from Houghton can refer to the National College Testing Associations's directory of testing centers to find one near you.

Students should refer to their Canvas course, course syllabus, or the course website for assignments and exams. Questions should be directed to the course instructor.

Any fees associated with a proctor or testing facility are the the sole responsibility of the student. A proctor should be established at the beginning of the term to prevent any problems.

Proctor Requests

If you are an online student and your course requires a proctored exam, fill out the information on the proctor form and return it your instructor. Information cannot be taken over the phone, so please be sure to send your request at least two weeks before your test date. This will give your instructor enough time to make sure your exam is at the correct location when you are ready to take it.

Acceptable Proctors

  • College or University instructors
  • Public librarians
  • Schoolteachers, administrators, counselors or librarians
  • Educational service officers on military installations
  • American school officials at overseas facilities
  • A work supervisor, only if you are not within reasonable distance of any preferred proctors listed above

Unacceptable Proctors

  • Co-workers or business associates
  • Peers
  • Relatives
  • Friends